This application has been made for managing job hiring sessions with multiple profiles. The application handle candidates information, resume and cover letter. It handles previous employer contacts. It also handle the whole process of evaluation of the candidates including the randomized reviewer assignation part, and the interview part. The application can manage multiple profile, with parallel or successive evaluation steps. Each steps can share some evaluation criteria or have distinct ones. The application can manage the interview schedule of the selected candidates. The application propose an emailing system with customized recipient list like candidates, selected candidates, reviewers, jury members...

Data collected

All the collected data will only be used for this hiring session. You can delete all you information at anytime using your account. This website has been created only for this hiring session and it will be deleted with all data at the end of the session.

Contact us

Contact us

Software development

Source are available at https://gitlab.pasteur.fr/hub/strass/

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MALABAT Christophe https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2551-2355